Husky Energy Direct Intake

We had the opportunity to work with Husky Energy on their direct intake project. This largescale and multi-year project is an excellent example of how our Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Firm is able to service our client’s various needs. From mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, to structural design, project and construction management, and environmental concerns, our Firm can do it all.

This new facility and infrastructure will now be able to service 110,000 people (approximately the size of Red Deer, Alberta) and will certainly be an enhancement from our client’s previous water intake solution. Now, they will be capable of delivering 75,000 m3/d of raw water at full build-out through over 13,000m of 20NPS and 16NPS raw water pipelines being utilized. Because of our work, our client not only has a reliable source of water to service their facilities for clean oil collection without further environmental impact. This facility can now support their SAGD sites within 50-60km radius, and also has the capacity to service future expansion plans as well, thus further reducing future environmental concerns as well.

We worked in partnership with Husky Energy, Associated Engineering and Northwest Hydraulic Consultants to achieve success. It also included an in-river water intake, low lift pumping station, fish screening station (to ensure the safety of our eco-system), a mid-lift filtration/pumping station, control office building, electrical MCC and transformer building, and civil works for residual and holding ponds, as well as road access for the river valley.

BAR Engineering’s Departments Utilized include:

• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Structural Design